Best European Studies

Call for applications is closed!

Three selected investigator-initiated studies initiated by ESMINT members in Europe will be presented during a dedicated session. Any study with unfinished enrolment can be submitted from the time of positive ethics approval in any European country. Investigators with ongoing pilot/feasibility studies are encouraged to apply too.

Criteria selection

  1. Hypothesis (0-3 points) – Does it address a gap in the knowledge base e.g. from own literature review or existing good quality reviews highlighting the "gap"?
  2. Potential impact (0-3 points) – How will it influence practice of Neurointerventions in Europe
  3. Methodology (0-5 points) – What measures are taken for limiting the risk of bias? Are there dedicated committees and how are they composed (steering and safety committee, imaging core lab)? Is it a retrospective, prospective cohort study, or a randomized study?
  4. Innovation (0-3 points) – Are there innovative aspects either of idea, concept or research methodology being employed?
  5. Number (0-3 points) – What is the number of involved patients and centers? Which countries are involved?
  6. Funding (0-3 points) – Is the funding based in competitive rigorously reviewed national agency vs charity vs industry vs local institutional funding vs none/inadequate?

Note: Presenters of selected study presentations will have free access to the conference.

Key dates

Opening of the submission: March 6, 2017
New Deadline for submitting: May 22, 2017
Results: end of June 2017